About 8-Bit Baby

Mark Polydoris (the man behind 8-Bit Baby) with his nephew Luke, who is much cooler than he is. 
The Story of 8-Bit Baby

Unable to find a lullaby album of classic Nintendo music for his baby nephew, Mark Polydoris took matters into his own nerdish hands and recorded the Mega Man 2 soundtrack on the piano as baby songs. Mark's brother loved the album so much that he encouraged him to post the songs online for other retrogamers to enjoy.

He uploaded them to Soundcloud, and then noticed that they were getting tens of thousands of plays. Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response, Mark recorded more baby lullabies using other music from classic Nintendo games. And thus, 8-Bit Baby was born.

Each album is completely licensed through Nintendo via Loudr.fm, and available to download through iTunes and streaming through Spotify.